SCNS Mission

In accordance with the bylaws of the Southern Clinical Neurological Society (SCNS), the mission of the SCNS is to support and enhance the study, acquisition, dissemination, and application of knowledge concerning neurology in all of its phases: biological, clinical, and social.


  • Provide a course at each annual meeting which provides important new or undercommunicated clinical, biological or social information to the membership in the area of neurology
  • Provide workshops at each annual conference which permit a forum to discuss the most current and significant findings in clinical neurology in a “Meet the Professor” format
  • Provide a program at each annual conference which addresses the needs of the membership as determined by previous conference attendee evaluations and periodic membership-wide needs assessments
  • Develop and administer platform and poster sessions through solicited peer-reviewed papers from the membership which shall be presented at the annual conference
  • Hold regional educational activities for the membership and interested neurologists and other physicians and persons in medically related areas who are interested in neurology
  • Develop means and outcomes of the program of the previous annual meeting, which will be used in the development of future meetings


    The scope of the SCNS is North America. The content of SCNS programs is limited to clinical and scientific topics related to neurology and the delivery of care to the neurology patient, and related issues for the health care team.


    The audience for CME activities includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, residents in neurology, and other allied health professionals with a significant stake in the research, diagnosis, and treatment of neurological disorders including nurses, social workers, doctors of pharmacy, neuropsychologists, and others interested in the field of neurology.

    Types of Activities

    The SCNS’s CME activities include an annual meeting, regional workshops, and symposia.