Mason Dixon LineThe original founders felt that the organization would be regional in nature and membership was restricted to neurologists residing and practicing south of the Mason-Dixon Line in the United States. As the Society grew in popularity, membership was extended to neurologists practicing in all U.S. states. There has been a steady growth in the Society and today there are over 360 men and women physicians and other health professionals as members of the Society. The Southern Clinical Neurological Society is now truly international with members residing and practicing in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and 44 of the 50 states in the United states.

By presenting an annual meeting which features reviews of the most recent advances in the field of neurology and by offering an annual gathering which promotes fellowship among the participants and their spouses. The Executive Committee of the society has tried to limit attendance at the annual meeting to 100 physicians in order that there might be a vigorous exchange of ideas between the participants and the faculty, the later having been chosen because of their expertise in one specific area of clinical neurology.